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Inheritance law

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Legal concepts

Here you will find explanations of the various legal concepts regarding inheritance law:

  • testamentary inheritance - inheritance based on a will
  • statutory inheritance - inheritance based on the provisions of the Civil Code. It occurs when the testator by way of a will has not appointed an heir or if none of the persons he has called wants or cannot be an heir.
  • inheritance - all property rights and obligations of the deceased. They do not include the deceased's rights and obligations closely related to his person, as well as the rights that upon his death pass to designated persons regardless of whether they are heirs.
  • heir - a person who inherits from the deceased person. There may be one or several heirs
  • testator - deceased, followed by inheritance
  • will - this word has 2 meanings:
    1. unilateral legal action in the event of death, by which the testator disposes of property in the event of death.
    2. a document containing testator's orders in the event of death
  • testator - a natural person making a will
  • initial - parent, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather etc.
  • Legitimate
  • descending - a child, grandson, great-grandson etc.