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Legal regulations regarding inheritance have accompanied man since antiquity. Everyone's temporal life has an end to which questions arise: what will happen to his property then? Who and on what terms is it supposed to fall? And finally - should you pay tax on it?

Many people try to dispose of their property in the event of death. Many legal institutions, such as wills, donations, agreements for the renunciation of succession and disinheritance serve to regulate these issues.

This guide aims to clarify the basic concepts of inheritance law and to help find solutions to many problems.

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In this section you can find basic information about what is part of the inheritance and what is not. In addition, there is a description of the specific situation of inheritance of rent.

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This section contains information on testing principles in Polish law. You can learn how to make a will and what the consequences will be. Here you will find explanations regarding the preparation of wills, notary's wills, oral wills, etc.

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Statutory inheritance

Information about the inheritance rules that apply when the deceased (testator) has not left a will

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Information about who will inherit and from whom.

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Record and testamentary order

In a will, you can not only transfer your property to heirs or heirs. It is worth knowing what are the record and instructions, and how these institutions can be used in practice.

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Debt collection

What is the difference between an ordinary entry and a debt recovery entry?

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Basic information about the reserved portion, i.e. part of the estate, to which the deceased's relatives may be entitled, regardless of the content of the will

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Inheritance in OFE and ZUS

Money accumulated in Open Pension Funds (OFE) and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) is also subject to inheritance

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Cross-border inheritances

We deal with cross-border inheritances when there are elements from different countries in the inheritance case.

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Public succession register

Inheritance Register is a public register in which information about documents confirming inheritance is collected.

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Agreements regarding inheritance

Here you will find information on inheritance agreements that can, for example, help you avoid conflict between heirs.

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What and where to do

Inheritance in Poland is associated with the need to go to a number of institutions, such as the court, tax office, notary, etc.
This section contains information on where to go to properly carry out the entire inheritance process.

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Inheritance tax

The most important provisions regarding tax regulations related to inheritance.
Here you can find out if and how much they will pay at the tax office for inheritance. We also advise you when you are entitled to tax reliefs and exemptions from inheritance and donations.

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Definitions of the most important concepts of inheritance law in a simple and accessible form

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this section contains links to basic legal provisions governing succession law and proceedings before the Court in matters of succession

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judicial decisions

Interesting thesis of court rulings regarding inheritance law

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